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cinema hall near me 4dx motion effects theater is the newest

cinema hall near me 4dx motion effects

cinema hall near me 4dx motion

the absolute instead of experience or 4dx motion effects theater is the newest cinema hall near me 4dx motion

evolution in the 4d cinema experience in

a totally immersive  entertainment where you

actually, feel the action on the screen

from the seats, you are sitting into the

effects around you for DX provides a

Revolutionary cinematic experience which

stimulates all five senses which

includes high-tech motion seats and

special effects including wind Foulke

lightning bubbles water rain and cents

in both 2d and 3d formats 40x was

launched in Seoul South Korea in 2009

showing the movie Journey to the Center

of the Earth and since then for DX

cinemas have been slowly opening around

the world as of 29th of August 2017

there are currently more than 370 4dx

cinemas across 47 countries and that cinema hall near me 4dx motion

regime three new cinemas opening every

week in 2014 Americans first cinema

opened in Los Angeles showing

transformers the age of extinction and

until I researched this topic I had no

the idea there was a 4dx cinema just a few

suburbs away from my home in Melbourne

Australia because of the immersive

experience theaters must be specifically

designed for and equipped with 4dx

technology so don’t expect the 4dx at

your local cinemas anytime soon unless

they are willing to totally gut a cinema

and build it back up from scratch not

everyone can see a movie in 4dx

you have to be of a certain age and

height to sit in the chairs and attend

it and not everyone will enjoy the

experience of being thrown around

through all the action scenes and a big

Hollywood movie one reporter who saw

need for speed and for DX cinema wrote

it’s incredibly jarring to be in a seat

that jerks around most viewers tend to

lean back in their seats but in the 4d X

However, it’s incredibly disorienting if

you sit that way you feel at the mercy

of the chair which can go side to side

up and down

words and backward eventually we

discovered that it was best if you sit

up straight and almost leaned forward a

a little bit it’s not unlike a roller

coaster leaning into it is a bit better

then laying back now I recall seeing the

movie avatar in 2009 in 3d the last

the movie I saw in 3d prior to that was when

I was a kid like 30 years ago so I had

that thought in my mind when I knew

avatar was coming out in the 3d but when

I did come out I thought myself being a

3d movie that’ll be lame but I loved it

so much i took my mum to see the movie

later that same day but since avatar new

3d movies have been advertised every

month but how any cinemas now shows

3d movies it was like it was a passing

fad now I truly loved avatar 3d and I’m

sure there are more movies to come then

look great with 3d but since 3d is dying

off you have to wonder with the high and

low fee ticket price and remoteness of

the cinemas I wonder how long the third

of 4dx will last anyway that’s the end

of this video thanks for watching and

we’ll see you next time bye-bye, Donald

Draper, now I ain’t scared – you punk you

wanna jump all


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